Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 5

"Your dad is Wobertolenorecitomo the great!?" exclaimed Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad."
"Isn't he the guy who made every thing upside-down?," said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad. I still have his upside-downer machine too."
"Really?" said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "Want me to show you how it works?"
"Sure, why not?" said Annie.
"Ok," said Jerry, "Here we go!"
"Well, I guess it is broken," said Jerry. "Here, take this guitar, you can have it for free."
"Ok, thanks!" said Annie.
"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" said Jerry, "You are a bubble!"
"What are you talking about!?" exclaimed Annie.
"I am a burrito!" said Jerry.
"What in the world is happening here!" asked Annie.
"Purple!" exclaimed Jerry, "Purple, Purple, Purple!"
"Should I call a doctor?" asked Annie.

                                                       TO BE CONTINUED...

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