Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 1

Annie Schron is a private investigator. She is very sneaky. She is very swift. Nothing gets past her unseen. One day a mysterious stranger walked into her office. Also know as her uncle's tool shed. Annie couldn't see the stranger's face. It was blocked by a purple hood that he wore. The stranger handed Annie a note and then walked away. The note said, 'Meet me at grump at 5:00 sharp'. "Grump? What could that mean?" She wondered. Then she had an idea. "I got it!" She said, and ran off to get a phone book. When she found it she looked and looked. "Hmm, grump." She said to herself. "I know I saw it here somewhere. Ah, found it!" exclaimed Annie. "Grump, 'Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection'." "OK, I think that's on Ricochet Street." she said. "I wonder what that guy with the purple hood wants me there for."

                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED...

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