Monday, November 17, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 6

Annie rushed to the phone. She dialed 911.
"Hello?" she said, "I'd like to call about a man who I think might be going craz-"
She was cut off short.
"Don't call 911!" 
It was Jerry. He seemed to be back to normal.
"Actually, I don't think I need you any more, bye," said Annie to the phone. 
Then she hung up.
"What was wrong with you?" asked Annie.
"Sometimes that happens," said Jerry, "Sometimes I just start saying random things that don't make sense. Then after a few minuets it goes away."
"When did you start doing that?" asked Annie.
"It all started when my dad tried his new machine, 'The Weirdatron' on me." said Jerry.
"Your dad tried out his inventions on you?" asked Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "It all started when he invented his 'FreeIceCreamater'. He tried it out on me and it gave me free ice-cream. Then he decided to try out all of them on me."

                                                                      TO BE CONTINUED...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 5

"Your dad is Wobertolenorecitomo the great!?" exclaimed Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad."
"Isn't he the guy who made every thing upside-down?," said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad. I still have his upside-downer machine too."
"Really?" said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "Want me to show you how it works?"
"Sure, why not?" said Annie.
"Ok," said Jerry, "Here we go!"
"Well, I guess it is broken," said Jerry. "Here, take this guitar, you can have it for free."
"Ok, thanks!" said Annie.
"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" said Jerry, "You are a bubble!"
"What are you talking about!?" exclaimed Annie.
"I am a burrito!" said Jerry.
"What in the world is happening here!" asked Annie.
"Purple!" exclaimed Jerry, "Purple, Purple, Purple!"
"Should I call a doctor?" asked Annie.

                                                       TO BE CONTINUED...

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 4

"What's with the guitars?" said Annie.
"Me, of course," said the purple hooded man.
"Well I get that," said Annie, "I just don't get the part about the guitars exploding."
"Well,  I would tell you," said the man, "But the title of this story says that it's supposed to be a mystery."
"Very good point," said Annie, "Very good point."
"Here, let me get you out of this cell," said the man.
"Wait a minute," said Annie, "Your letting me out?"
"Yeah, sorry about that," said the man, "The jail was just for dramatic effect."
"Seriously?" said Annie.
"Yeah..." said the man. "My name is Jerry. My dad was evil, so he thinks that I should take his place since he's retired."
"So, why don't you just tell him that you don't wan't to be evil?" asked Annie.
"Are you crazy!?" said Jerry, "Do you know who my dad is!?"
"No," said Annie, "Who is he?"
"My dad is non other than Wobertolenorecitomo the great!" said Jerry.

                                                          TO BE CONTINUED

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 3

Annie was astonished. "You!" she exclaimed.
"Yes," he chuckled, "It's me."
"All right!" said Annie, "Why did you want me here?"
"Simple Annie, Simple," he said. "To trap you of course.  Just say the magic word."
"That's it." Then suddenly, everything went black.


Annie woke up. She looked around. She was in a prison cell. A large prison cell. "What happened?" she wondered. Outside of her cell was a guitar. Then it started to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and then it exploded. And in its place stood none other than the purple hooded man.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 2

Annie went to Ricochet street. She had never seen Ricochet street before, but she knew where it was because random bouncy balls were forever ricocheting of of everything there. Now all she had to do was find Grump. Then she realized something. There were two Grumps on Ricochet street! On one side there was "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection" and on the other side there was "Great Runners Usually Miss Potatoes"! She thought and thought and thought, when suddenly she realized something. She realized that the title of this book is "Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar". And that means that the shop she wants is probably "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection". So that's were she went. After getting hit with a few dozen bouncy balls, she finally made it to the store. In side the store there was every size and shape of guitar. And all of them were constantly getting polished and waxed by monkeys. Then she noticed that one of the guitars was starting to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and louder and then it exploded. And in it's place was none other then the purple hooded man.

                                             TO BE CONTINUED...

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 1

Annie Schron is a private investigator. She is very sneaky. She is very swift. Nothing gets past her unseen. One day a mysterious stranger walked into her office. Also know as her uncle's tool shed. Annie couldn't see the stranger's face. It was blocked by a purple hood that he wore. The stranger handed Annie a note and then walked away. The note said, 'Meet me at grump at 5:00 sharp'. "Grump? What could that mean?" She wondered. Then she had an idea. "I got it!" She said, and ran off to get a phone book. When she found it she looked and looked. "Hmm, grump." She said to herself. "I know I saw it here somewhere. Ah, found it!" exclaimed Annie. "Grump, 'Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection'." "OK, I think that's on Ricochet Street." she said. "I wonder what that guy with the purple hood wants me there for."

                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED...