Monday, November 17, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Chapter 6

Annie rushed to the phone. She dialed 911.
"Hello?" she said, "I'd like to call about a man who I think might be going craz-"
She was cut off short.
"Don't call 911!" 
It was Jerry. He seemed to be back to normal.
"Actually, I don't think I need you any more, bye," said Annie to the phone. 
Then she hung up.
"What was wrong with you?" asked Annie.
"Sometimes that happens," said Jerry, "Sometimes I just start saying random things that don't make sense. Then after a few minuets it goes away."
"When did you start doing that?" asked Annie.
"It all started when my dad tried his new machine, 'The Weirdatron' on me." said Jerry.
"Your dad tried out his inventions on you?" asked Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "It all started when he invented his 'FreeIceCreamater'. He tried it out on me and it gave me free ice-cream. Then he decided to try out all of them on me."

                                                                      TO BE CONTINUED...

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